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About us

About Us

Welcome to Companion Petz, we are located in the Carindale Westfield Shopping Centre lower floor off from the Blue carpark.

We have a wide range of pets from Puppies and Kittens to Fish, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Hermit Crabs and now more recently we have Turtles and Reptiles. To support you in the purchase of your new pet, we have a range of products including food, flea and worm treatments, beds, bowls, tanks and cages.

When visiting our store our team will proudly provide you with professional advice and service to either help settle your new pet into its home or to provide something new for a pet who has been in the family for a while.

The team at Companion Petz are avid pet lovers and have worked within the store for a number of years.

We aim to provide personalised service and as much support in your purchase decision as possible. Each customer has different requirements and we aim to understand your particular needs and provide a product to suit you.

With our site we have included general information for the care of your pet and introducing them to a new home. Please contact us or call into the shop if you require any specific information on looking after your pet.

Why Choose Us

Peace of Mind

We care about all animals, and as such we guarantee that all pets sold through us have been 100% cage free, and were all bred through healthy and natural means in spacious environments.

Care advice

So you finally have your new companion! How about reading some information so that you’re fully prepared on the best possible way to take care of them.

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