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Unfortunately, we cannot predict the length of time a foster animal will be in your care or take to be adopted.
Some of these pets could find homes within days, others could take weeks if not months.

It is always recommended to monitor children and your own pets with the foster animal as they may not have been around young children or other pets before and could be fearful or unfamiliar of them.
Animals that have not been socialised with children may become scared or can become overly excited (rough play).
Children and animals should ALWAYS be monitored and not left unattended when playing together to prevent injuries to either child or animal.

Please note, when you take a foster animal home, it will come with the appropriate food, collar and any other accessories from the previous home.
If other items are required for a foster animal, we can arrange the items following a discussion with a staff member.
This foster program is not a business in which we are profiting from.
Any fee that occurs for adoptive owners is just a small fee to cover all expenses involved with and not limited to, vaccinations, micro-chipping, de-sexing (If not already) food.